Continuous operation in harmony with society and the environment

Dynamism, Excellence, Integrity and Innovation.

Atiaia Energia is part of the centenary corporation The Cornelio Brennand Group, which strives for the continued expansion of its activities.

Generation of over 1.2 million MWh/year

Atiaia Energia prospects sources of clean energy generated through small hydro plants, wind and solar farms, responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of facilities, as well as the commercialization of electricity generated by these plants.

Small Hydroelectric Plants

Located close to a point of consumption and integrated into the regional electricity grid, these clean and distributed energy sources improve supply stability and security, in addition to generating savings through reduced transmission loss.


Small hydroelectric power plants are considered low environmental impact enterprises. Even so, Atiaia has implemented Basic Environmental Programs, creating several nature protection programs, such as continued reforestation to replace native flora along the banks of the reservoir, benefitting fauna and flora surrounding the plants.