Committed to society and the environment

Established in 2004 and headquartered in Recife, Pernambuco State, Atiaia Energia prospects sources of clean energy generated through small hydro plants, wind and solar farms, responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of facilities, as well as the commercialization of electricity generated by these plants.

Atiaia Energia - a company part of Cornelio Brennand Group (90%) in partnership with Koblitz Energia (10%) -, currently manages eight Small Hydro Plants (SHP) running at an approximate total capacity of 200 MW and annual generation over 1.2 million MWh/year, enough to supply a city of 1 million people. It also boasts a portfolio of diverse projects – not only SHPs, but also wind and solar farms – at varying stages of maturation.

Atiaia stands out for its technical, social and environmental commitment, and contributes to the sustainable growth of the region where it operates. Over the coming ten years, the Atiaia Energy plant will have an installed capacity of approximately 730MW, thanks to an investment of BRL 4 billion.