Wind Farms

Atiaia Energia’s current portfolio includes 300 MW of wind energy through the development of two wind farms, both located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

The projects have already gained environmental permits and are awaiting economic viability through the sale of their energy.

We are also studying the implementation of hybrid parks (wind + solar), greatly optimizing the costs of OPEX and electrical connection, and taking advantage of the complementarity of generations of these sources, mitigating their intermittences.

Solar Farms

Atiaia Energia currently runs three solar power projects at early development phases in the Northeast and Midwest regions, through the installation of solarimetric towers and by measuring local solar irradiance to subsidize studies for the projects.

It is expected that these projects will be completed in early 2020 for future commercialization through government-sponsored energy auctions (ACR) or on the free market (ACL).

We are also studying the deployment of hybrid parks (solar + wind and solar + SHP), greatly optimizing OPEX and wiring costs, while taking advantage of the generational complementarity of these sources, mitigating the intermittency of wind and solar sources.