Nature preservation

Small hydroelectric power plants are considered low environmental impact enterprises. Even so, Atiaia has implemented Basic Environmental Programs, creating several nature protection programs, such as continued reforestation to replace native flora along the banks of the reservoir, benefitting fauna and flora surrounding the two plants. To reestablish Areas of Permanent Protection, some 1.5 million trees were planted at all plants with areas degraded through previous economic activities, in addition to several other archeological and social and environmental programs , such as the preservation of fauna and water quality.

With the Paranatinga II and Garganta da Jararaca SHPs – built within areas that were not previously linked to the National Electric Grid – clean and stable hydroelectric energy has replaced the two thermal electricity plants powered by diesel oil, which is a serious pollutant. Together, they contributed to a reduction of up to 100,000 tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere per year.

Atiaia Energia also strives to improve the life quality of neighboring communities. Among the actions undertaken, it has supported the construction of a public hospital in Lucas do Rio Verde, in Mato Grosso, and built a concrete bridge over the Sucuriú River to links the municipalities of Água Clara and Chapadão do Sul, in Mato Grosso, resolving one of the region’s roadway problems.

New Areado SHP Environmental Management Program

New Bandeirante SHP Environmental Management Program